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Measure twice, still get it wrong...

Made a pair of Express Lane socks, a quick and easy pattern by Diana Mulholland out of the most lovely, sparkly, Debonnaire bluey greeny yarn, with a heel from from Toe up Socks with a Twist by Wendy Johnson, and despite measuring almost continually, they came out a good inch and a half longer than my foot. Luckily, my beloved has feet that are almost exactly an inch and a half longer than mine, so they have found a loving home. This doesn't stop me feeling peeved though! To compensate me on the lack of sparkly blue socks, I knitted up a pair using the same patterns but much smaller, using the leftovers of a rusty coloured sparkly Sparkleduck yarn that I'd bought to make mittens for my sister at Fibre East last year. So now I have sparkly socks. And yes, they might not be aqua shades of blues and greens, but the rust colours and the sparkles work so well in this yarn, I hardly mind. Plus, it means that at this year's Fibre East I can completely justify buying more sparkly blue.  


Such hardship. 


Nicky Adkins