New style

I've been working on a sign using Tobias Saul's beautiful Blackriver font and ornaments. Saul's work has been all over my Pinterest boards for ages, his style is just perfect and one that I've admired for a long time, but haven't get experimented with. This sign sums up my feelings when the day job absorbs all my time and energy!  



Using graphics programmes is relatively new to me - I've only ever really cropped images and used colour filters on them, but I've been working on getting the hang of them for more detailed design work, in the hopes that I'll have a much more precise pre-painting design that I can check, and in future share, with clients.  


As soon as I got painting on the swashes it was clear that they just weren't quite right, in the same way that you can tell a lot about a font by painting it. It is quite possible that this is down to my lack of experience in using digital design elements, so I'll be working on that.