In which I learn a lesson about Perspex

With the stove fitted in the workshop, our evil little cat Stella has moved in and likes nothing more than snuggling up the chair or running over wet paint. It's adorable. But being an adorable psychopath makes getting her back out of there very difficult indeed without significant blood loss. The obvious solution was to fit a cat flap, something that I've done multiple times. The folding doors are glazed with Perspex so I knew it would be easy. Right? 




What I hadn't counted on was the damned stuff HEALING ITSELF as I cut through it. The heat generated by the jigsaw blade melted it into bubbling stuff, and lo. All the sawed bits healed.  

It was around the point where the drill bit melted and stuck fast that I started to think that maybe I'd made a mistake. The only way was forward though, so using a lighter and MAgic Tape, I managed to repair the side of the hole where it had shattered and after a little bit of battling with a Stanley knife, the cat flap was fitted! It's been set to only allow cats out of the workshop, as Sella had been known in the past to invite her various boyfriends round to hang out on the day bed. It's a workshop, not a knocking shop.  


If I keep quiet about it, no one will notice the repair. So shh.