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Spring is on the way

Weekends in the winter months are the only times I get to see our little garden in daylight, and today there's proof that spring is coming. It's not quite within shouting distance but it is there.  


The lilac leaf pods are practically tumescent! The plan is to transparent prime this into a light and airy little tree.  


The climbing roses (Snowgoose) are doing well, I'm so impressed how this one has thrived despite several transplants in the last four years.  


The winter flowering cherry tree up by the workshop is doing well, despite there being nutrient-grabbing fruit trees on the other side of the fence. It's over 8ft tall now and starting to give a sense of how it will shelter the end of the garden.  


This winter's triumph has been the clematis, Winter Beauty. It was first planted three years ago and barely seemed to grow at all until last spring when it started clambering away up the trellis. Look at it now! This is its first flowering and it's beautiful.  


I will have to be careful to make sure the white passionflower on its left doesn't smother it once it gets going.  


Last week's sign seemed hopeful in its message, but now feels more prophetic. There are some big changes lined up for 2018. Bring on spring.  

Nicky Adkins