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That's it, folks. After nine years of being a school librarian it doesn't seem real yet, I only left on Friday, which also marked the start of half term, so I think in my mind it's just a temporary break before I go back to the school, back to the library and the rigid structure of a day marked by bells, lessons and breaks. I'm prepared for it to take my brain six weeks for it to properly dawn, a pretend summer holiday's length, before I fully realise this freedom. 

Short term plans include getting a good grip on the timings of board prep and painting for the signs, a photography session and updates for my Etsy shop. The skill areas I'm working on developing are my blends and freehand lining. One of my leaving presents from work was a tin of Smith's Cream (I'd love to say that work just knew me so well that they instinctively got me the right thing but my library assistant just asked me what I wanted) which is revolutionising the blendability so I'm seeing improvements already. Still a way to go before I can hope it acheive anywhere near the perfect ombre effects I've seen in others' work. Practise, practise and yet more practise.