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So, here we go...

Blogging time. Here I'll be sharing the crafty stuff I get up to, and quietly hope that no one will notice how chronically untidy I am. There may at some point be some sort of KonMari revolution, which I know it just what everyone wants to read about. Hey! I tidied some stuff! Look how superior I am! But let's face it, that could be years away.  

Mercilessly stolen from

See these pretty, brightly coloured and photogenic things? Not like mine at all. In fact, all those colours are giving me a headache. 

Until then (if you can take clutter, and an over-abundance of cats) please join me for making, writing, upcycling, actual cycling (but only when it's sunny), spinning, knitting, sewing, and general fun times involving scissors and glue.

Nicky Adkins