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Broken seed stitch sock

These were knitted as a birthday present for a very dear Polly. Her actual present on the day was to choose her pattern. I sensibly stuck a post it note on the right page of the pattern book, only to remove it later for no apparent reason other than idiocy.  All I could remember was that they were worked with two yarns, one solid colour and one colour change, but there were a couple of possibilities for the pattern culprit.  


Then I read about broken seed stitch and immediately wanted to try it, so I threw the pattern book out of the window* and improvised my own pattern using gorgeous sparkly silver yarn I'd found at Fibre East and the most glorious colour change yarn I'd ever seen, by this seller on Etsy. It's called Darkside and is 50% Merino and 50% silk and I'm SO glad I have some left over because I covet it. They're worked from the toe up using Judy's Magic Cast-on and magic loop. I cast on 32 stitches (16 on each needle), increasing to 64 (32 on each) and worked a Fish Lips Kiss heel, which is still my favourite heel to work because it's so simple and effective! 

Look at the lovely colours!


The one element of these socks that I'm not sure of though, is the stockingette section above the heel, but it's an integral part of the FLK. I think if I'd done stockingette stripes for the sole it would look fine, but it's just a little jarring to have those narrow stripes on the heel alone.  Next time, the sole gets this treatment too!  

*No, not literally. I'm a librarian, we don't throw books out of windows. Except the Twilight saga.

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