Motivational signage

Having a dedicated work space has made such a difference to how much painting I can get done! This was painted across two evenings, when I usually would have waited for the weekend but the workshop summershed is a lovely place to run off to at the end of the day, and being just outside of Wifi range feels like a proper break with the world.  

Working in a school means that I'm constantly surrounded with encouraging signs, usually in Comic Sans, printed in different colours with a letter on each piece of A4. It's hell. At least I can laugh at the occasional PowerPoint with poorly positioned clip art and claim that they're being unintentionally ironic, but the signs... No. So I thought it was time to start making my own, which will sadly never see the inside of a school but I think carries an important message for all of us, and one which I often wish I could share with my students.

Day 1 was a chance to play with shadowing. I had fun.  



The finished article: 


As it's on salvaged wood, I'd chosen to keep the old screw holes, but the more I think about it, the more inclined I am to chop it top and bottom. There's already a potential owner for this in the wings, (ok, I confess, it's my own brother. But that STILL COUNTS.) so I'll see what their preferences are.