Library sign

This was made to replace the old sign at Roundwood Park School in Harpenden. The old sign was hung up above the doors and against a window, so that both sides can be seen.

Somehow, I've managed to match the grey paint (Farrow and Ball's Down Pipe) to the old grey gloss paint on the door frames along the same corridor. I'd love to be able to claim that this was entirely intentional but honesty dictates that I reveal it a fluke. The font used is Trajan, super classy and classic. The shadowing is in dark green, to reflect the large numbers of plants that give the library a homely, jungle feel. 

I have to say that I wasn't massively impressed with the coverage I got from 1 Shot's white lettering enamel, and found myself hankering after the olden days when a lead base in white paint made it so opaque that it genuinely only needed one coat. Then I remembered lead poisoning and how that is a Bad Thing. So two coats it was. 



For the reverse, seen as you exit the library, it seemed only right to honour Stephen King's 70th birthday by putting his words on there. Plus, all the kids know who Stephen King is at the moment because they're all scaring themselves by watching the new film adaptation of It.  The second coat here did feel like a bit of a drag at the time, but as soon as I stepped back it, I knew it had been worth it. 


Will make sure I get a photo of it in situ soon.