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Custom signs

I’ve been able to work on some fantastic commissions over the last few weeks, some of which I can now share and others that will have to stay quiet until they’re given as gifts by those who requested them! 

This one was an existing design but was requested in custom colours. I love how it turned out!  Politics and profanity are always a favourite, and it felt cathartic to paint these words again as we watch our government inflict billions of pounds worth of damage on the country for no reason at all, in the name of Brexit. With the news this week that the Leave campaign broke the law on several counts, the whole ‘will of the people’ smoke screen has been blown away. How they can be continuing with this farce is beyond me.



This one was commissioned by my brother to celebrate his fourth wedding anniversary with my lovely sister in law. It’s not my usual style in either content or design but I had real fun painting this up and it looks perfect in their house. Please remind me how long those flowers took though, if you ever see me drawing up similar plans.